2/26/16  It's Trump,with his confounded assertions  and Hillary, ugh, so let's get on with it. Bernie Sanders has been a disruptive candidate. He came out of the shadows of the Senate with a long harbored socialistic message feeling it's time, his time, now or never. His offerings essentially appeal to left wing liberals seeing further opportunities to live off the Government. Nothing righteous in their thinking!. Bernie's delusional. His youthful following are there simply for the freebies and see nothing good about Hillary.

John Kasich-a candidate with certain credentials. Somewhat of  a puzzlement as to why his candidacy is terribly floundering. Has the voting public examined his interesting personal background,political action plans,conservative principles? Apparently not for if so the revelations would call for  much broader support.It's not just his job performance as Governor of Ohio but his record of accomplishments  in past endeavors. John has an authentic appeal and an unassuming way as a home town boy but has blatantly employed Medicaid to expand his constituency. He's a likeable figure and would have performed a  critical need to counter the discombobulated composure of the Republican Party. Wish John well as he resumes his Governorship position in the Ohio.

Brillant ( I know it's misspelled )Type your paragraph here.

                IT'S TIME


But is the ship sinking? After weeks of tolerating Trump's radical positions and histrionics  Brillant reluctantly conceded  since the alternative, the Clinton's in the White House was more repulsive. Brillant's support is qualified, for a no vote would be no-lo con-ten-de-re. Trump's excoriating of a highly respected federal Judge is not without side effects in the body politic. But in fairness, Trump's business interests are under attack by the Hispanic National Bar Association. Judge Curiel is affiliated with this group. Trump's dallying to release his tax records may be purposeful for it's said, the filings hint of zero taxation, damaging his persona. Whatever,his offensive behavior to President Obama along with all those who attack him and an outspoken attitude that he will use the presidents prerogative to ignore the boundaries of our laws should be concerning to the voting public. Trump is remarkably narcissistic. Having a person with a personality disorder, a seemingly unstable autocratic comport in a position of power, is doubly troubling.  His actions could very well GIVE Hillary the presidency. His persistence in speaking brashly confounds his GOP constituency to the point that a contested election is possible. 

 Despite all, with Brillant on board, the Republican party is now bolstered with a prominent voice on the internet. Brillant's legion of followers are expected to try and elect Trump as well and pray for the best if he wins. 


Brillant has spoken

      A voice on the Internet


Where are these supporters of Hillary Clinton that reportedly are in the millions that fail being seen in her speaking audiences.Bernie Sanders draws thousands of cheering backers that often overwhelm the arena in numbers when he expounds on

" A Future To Believe In ".

Hillary corners a positioned few in non-descriptive places such as a waffle house as she foists her theme "Fighting For You" on the captive onlookers.There seems to be a misleading representation taking place when you compare both addressing their adherents . Cameramen rarely pan herinsignificant audience. 

 Is the partisan media in cahoots with the Clinton's?

Bernie,is the system rigged?

 Brillant has spoken.

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Ben Carson, he struck a cord, coming on the scene with a mesmerizing message. Truly, a unique outsider as a candidate. He overcame a troubled youth achieving academic acclaim and career success as a highly respected neurosurgeon. As a candidate he was well received early on thru his conservative stance on social and political issues. His following dwindled as he failed to strike the right note in communicating his ideas, It's time to cut the cord.

Black lives matter,you know!  NO,I don't know.

I'm tiring of those stressing this proclamation

through their continuing disruptive protests. White lives matter. All lives matter. Get off the troublesome

  • positioning with intent to exclaim complaint over police work. The press has been at this following the empathetic police shooting of an unarmed youth, Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. That six foot, five inch 280 pound black had just blatantly robbed shelf items from a store in full view of the proprietor and

then, indifferent to his brutish lawlessness, waltzed down the center of the street outside drawing the attention of a police officer. When stopped and questioned over his conduct  he reached inside of the officers car window and began pummeling the policeman's face with his brute fists.This huge youth then, next confronting the officer, now outside of his car to pursue an arrest, Brown charged him with a fury in an attack mode,arms thrust forward and not upraised as misrepresented by certain bystanders and the press.His assault gave cause for the officer to fire his pistol to counter the "gentle giants" presumed attempt to kill. The "hands up,don't shoot" expression never occurred but has been the outcry used along with his being unarmed in forming the obstreperous Black Lives Matter movement.This person is held up as a police victim but In reality, Michael Brown was a thuggish, obviously troubled youth that brought on a necessary killing though his actions.

   It's doubly disturbing that the group recognized for leading the protest in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown persists in highlighting the incident as represented of police brutality and injustice. This crew ignorantly ignores the lawless  conduct of Brown that led to the police confrontation. Hey troublemakers, Ferguson is a bad example. Why not talk to Rev. Al Sharpton, he like yourselves is responsible for the deterioration of race relations in our country.