There is not going to be a nuclear .conflagration. A country with the capability to initiate a nuclear strike simply will not, realizing the alienating and annihilating consequences. The weapon is just too devastating.  Pakistan's balderdash about destroying Israel is ludicrous bluster. North Korea would be bombed to oblivion after firing a nuclear missile.

  Regretfully, there are countries namely Russia, Pakistan and India along with the US  that are currently expanding their nuclear capabilities. Such competitive or superiority plays will continueuntil a more violent force is developed and the atomic  and or hydrogen weaponry is removed from service. As Donald Trump would say,"It's sad, It's sad"..

  The work underway to deter Iran and North Korea from  continuing their nuclear programs is good if the effort succeeds. Both, particularly Iran have shown to be rogue in their intent toward arming their nations. The world needs are best served if these two threatening countries  drop out of their nuclear activity.  It seems changes in leadership would be necessary.


    STUPID PACKAGING                        .

General John Kelly was perfectly right in defending Trump's phone call To the wife of Sergent Johnson and it's content. It's widely understood that President Trump speaks often without first thinking. Too often the press and in this situation. a Florida congresswoman,Frederica Wilson both got it wrong.

Donald Trump,Aside from his numerous egotistical frailties is truly a nice person. His intention in saying "he knew what he signed up for" ,or a near similar version depending on those engaged, was meant as a laudable comment but interpreted differently to suit those bent on being critical of Trump.

  Think about it as Sergent Johnson did when he enlisted with intent to participate in the ongoing Vietnam war. He was brave and certainly knew he could get killed. Trump in essence remarked that the deceased soldier was a courageous person and wanted his wife to be heartened as best she could on hearing that.

  Congress woman Wilson, while reportedly a friend to Mrs. Johnson chose purposely to represent Trump's statement critically. Given the chance, she labored wrongly at length, in speaking to the public on television, more to get attention to her assumed importance. Her history of wearing large and colorful hats from her absurd collection of over one hundred,serves the same purpose.

       GET WITH IT .

Exasperating could be more appropriate than dumb but nevertheless the Band-Aid is packaged or wrapped in a troublesome manner. This product was first introduced in 1920 by Johnson and Johnson and has served as a highly useful item for covering small wounds.What's irksome about it is it's COVERING that is most difficult to remove. This annoyance heightens when one is rushed to use the Band-Aid as the best item to contain a wounds bleeding .Mind you,this products shortcoming has been going on for near two hundred years. Please tell me I'm wrong?


The absurd conduct of the NFL players, owners and managers persist to no avail. The franchises are  getting increasingly entwined in a losing proposition. The fan base is frustrated with the variations of  purpose and protest and are leaving the sport and rightly so. Dishonoring the American flag and its anthem is near totally viewed as unacceptable.

  Just what are the players protesting? I contend that they know not what they know not. In other words, they don't even know what they don't know but protest all the louder. I dealt with the issue of black lives matter and police justice in a previous commentary  so in this article I'll speak to inequality. Yes. there is clear inequality between blacks and whites in this country and the reasons for it are broad but essentially a persons skills and education account for the unevenness. I'm not criticizing the black community at large but here however we havehighly  paid football players that were recognized in their youth as having athletic prowess. I'd wager that in the main they were promoted throughout their schooling with laxity in being educated. It's evident in their inability to clearly articulate their complaints. It's shown too in their field positions. How many serve as quarterbacks where the position calls for quick judgements. Team managers perceive that weakness in their intellect to perform the role. The point in this analysis is that those protesting are principally ill informed to voice their declarations.

  This protest movement has spread to black women, the oversized, unattractive black cheerleaders at Howard University. God only knows what they are complaining about. It can't be the chow. They are attending a hugely supported school and these girls are there with substantial aid and raising their fists. Perhaps they instead should raise reason for changing the University's name since it was named after Oliver Howard, a Civil War general from Maine. 

    The underlying explanation for inequality between  blacks and whites is due again to skills and education. The black mother with fatherless children is too often unable to see to the youths education so they're disadvantaged early on. Opportunities for earning a respectable living are

seriously limited and breeds inferiority and hence,inequality. How can we change that?. Is liberalism an answer? I'll leave this commentary here for that's an entirely difficult matter.