Morning Joe

The press needs to go after the lily-livered  self serving ten or so Republican Senators that in one way or another are lacking the courage to support their colleagues seeking to promote health care reform. It's time to lay out those pusillanimous obstructionists such as Dean Heller and Bob Corker that fear losing their positions of power and benefits and backing from voting constituencies built through weakness by advancing entitlementsWitness Susan Collins of Maine exemplyfying such behavior.


This self-regarding group is undeserving in holding office for their spineless, indecorous, ill-natured performance. Nancy Pelosi ,Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters are taking intense pleasure observing  the dysfunctional nature of their political counterparts.

Brillant has spoken.

     Trouble in River City     

          Brillant's Angry

Yes I'm angry and outraged with Colin Kaepernick and his  display disparaging the American Flag.  As a former Marine and having seen  bodies of fallen Marines in wooden caskets wrapped in our flag, I see it alarming that an athlete can take such a public stance. I have to assume he felt righteous  protesting police brutality and racial disparities but clearly in the wrong venue. His unthinking action has led others to follow with issues of white supremacy and fascism that progressive Democrats are invoking. A full team of NFL players recently knelt during the playing of our national anthem. Now high school youths are clumsily aping the paid performers. Kaepernick, known for his biblicism  should speak out --"-For they do not know what they are doing" . Their  following behavior accepted by weak minded authorities is disgraceful and the determinate factor in my resolution-TO NEVER WATCH NFL FOOTBALL EVENTS AGAIN.  I'm confident many other fans will do the same.  

A continuous bloviating political rattle,critical of Donald Trump. Joe Scarborough who up until recently has surrounded himself with an unchanging group, Mika his adoring co-host who is intensely anti Trump,Mike Barnicle, Willie Geist, and the repulsive Donny Deutsch who characterized Trump supporters as Nazis and  Harold Ford and Mark Halperin. An assemblage of chortling people,all nodding their heads and responding in conciliating agreement to Joe's remarks. His regulars as noted have just changed  with both Harold Ford and Mark Halperin having been exposed for sexual harassment happenings and exorcised accordingly from the cast. Mike Barnicle, a plagiarist and Willie Geist. Joe's lap-dog continue on. Add  Washington Post's Eugene Robinson as a regular who rambles while often using, "you Know"  the  grammatical idiom as does beady-eyed Scarborough in their comments. Then there is a guest celebrity,often   Senator Jim Himes from nearby Connecticut,well educated but uses the same filler words it seems due to a deficient vocabulary.

The program,delivered by MSNBC New York is a left leaning 3 hour morning cable broadcast. Joe Scarborough,the talk show host is a former Congressman, reputably a conservative Republican that has clearly distanced himself from that incarnation. He dominates the discussions often abruptly interrupting a speaker in a mindless manner. If you're interested in his strong opinions lacking facticity and  left wing, anti- trump expressions,regarding the goings on at the White House and a superfluous array of ads, enjoy.

However,understand this,the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon,now reputably the second richest person in the world and Jeff Bezos is the adopted stepson of a wealthy Cuban immigrant, MIigal Bezos. His ancestry comes from Valladolid, a village in Spain. That village is also the birthplace of Amancio Ortego's family. This man was said to be the second richest person in the world before recently being displaced by Bezos. Here we have enormous wealth concentrated with two highly influential individuals having a Spanish and Cuban background. Can one presume they both hold Washington in disfavor because of it's constraints on the Cuban government? Is there unfavorable regard now being displayed through the media in the United States? You're call.

Brillant has spoken.

The Music Man had it right, we've got trouble,I say,right here and everywhere. Start in Washington,D C. Our President is doing his utmost to move his agenda but is being' hamstrung by  a clouded election issue concerning Russian interference and his past and associates doings . Trump is trying to convince the politicians in DC that we've got trouble ,i.e., he's got trouble with a capital T that rhymes with D that stands for Democrats that are obstructing him.

  Trouble too in North Korea that's perplexing all seeking to tame the country's nuclear ambition. The Supreme Leader, Kin Jong-un has blatantly ignored the US efforts and sanctions imposed to contain development of the weaponry. Various strategies to directly interrupt  the process are fraught with serious dangers. However the concerns in my mind,while valid, merit a less perilous perspective. The reality is that North Korea as well as Iran want to establish nuclear deterrence along with others able to deploy the bomb. Those two widely understand that they will never use such apocalyptic force since the likelihood of a retaliatory response could lead to there annihilation.

     Trouble also with Medicare and Medicaid in budgeting for the rising costs of these entitlement programs and the deficit. The welfare state induces irresponsible behavior by not attaching work requirements to social benefits beyond the two just noted.  Add Snap, the Nutrition offering. One need not work if he or she avails themselves to these

allowances. It's safe to generalize in saying a large number of participants report ingenuously on income while working off the books and feign disability. It's the politicians that gain public support and retain personal goals by building a constituency most particularly through patronizing Medicaid. It goes beyond that self dealing attitude when interjecting pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, hospitals and doctors all contributing laxity in dispensing their proprietary services. The system is rotten.

Brillant has spoken.


Stop with the threats. There is not going to be any nuclear Armageddon. Common sense will prevail since it's clearly recognized that any bombing initiative  will be met with a heightened retaliatory  strike that willbe more destructive. It pains me to read or listen to talk

that pours on such action between Trump and on Kim Jong-Un. As authoritative it seems, it's nothing but balderdash and a distraction toward finding an alternative solution to the problem.

   Further on, let the man get his nuclear ability for the country's security he's seeking. The same goes for Iran. Where do the existing nuclear powers have a right in holding off others. No nation is going to employ this weapon in any form despite the threats such as annihilating Israel.It's all political nonsense that keeps the media busy.

 Brillant has spoken.

      It's Time To Kick Ass