The Mueller Investigation

In May 2017 Robert Mueller as Special Counsel embarked on an examination of the considered Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Let's cut through his extensive investigatory work and on to the basics.

   Early on the Democrats bent on ensuring Hillary Clinton's win, employed every ignoble political tool in that effort. They used their power to engage and manipulate personnel within the FBI to examine Trump's rumored ties with Russian activists. They sought to expose any purported illegal activity on his part. They understood that Putin was favoring Trump in the election feeling Clinton would be hostile and feared Russian offensive action.

      Move on to Trump's supporting team that recognized their advantage in having Putin's favoritism. Democrats suspected  that Trump could be seeking a collusive or secret agreement with the Russians and pressed their case with Robert Mueller.They were right. Trump players wereoperating in somewhat of a obsequious manner but cautious against seeking a conspiracy.

      In the final analysis both the Democrats and Republicans were entangled with chicanery in their behavior as the Mueller investigation will bear out. So what!  Has their deplorable conduct been so different from politicians that preceded them. Has the Russian interference been so despicable knowing they work that scene in other country election processes and such practice occurs  everywhere.So what! Do you think our government is any different

      Lastly, Trump's  order to fire Mueller was because his research  could involve viewing the President's finances and nothing else. His ego would be severely damaged when it showed he is not as rich as he presents himself. There it is, the whole kerfuffle is nothing more than what I have described.