Incredible,what was once improbable to believe,Donald

J.Trump outlasted all that were

thought more qualified. Hillary conceded the White House race to the President-elect . Disappointment and shock were palpable on her face as on the faces of her stunned supporters.

SEPT.15/16    Deplorable-Hillary Clinton has

used this word to disparage half of Trump's supporters to her dismay. Deplorable, as an adjective ,"it's causing grief or regret" and so it is for her at this time. Alternatively it's defined as "causing reproach or disapproval". That definition is truly applicable to those NFL footballers that have chosen to demonstrate their complaint about racial injustice by kneeling during the play of our national anthem. I'll not give credence to their poorly conceived action,  acknowledging the names of those few that have lead the movement. While they are very athletic I suspect most failed in  scholastic achievement during their schooling. They lack the ability to expound on their beliefs. The underlying black societal problems stem from disconnected parents and educators acceptance of poor performance in learning . 

   What's troubling is that their individual position in sports should not be used to blankly express social issues while being paid to entertain. Their activity is carrying over to school children that too, know not what they do.Unfortunately this matter will persist for a time with no lasting effect because it's just plain STUPID.

From the outset,Trump distinguished his position as President somewhat as a buffoon  through his reckless tweeting. He covers his egocentric idiopathic behavior by operating with a closed circle of favored,dedicated associates.This select group will in time , alienate key Cabinet members estranged from policy making decisions.

Brillant has spoken.

Yes,that is after testing your viewer's

patience having to see upwards to 10 straight distressful advertisements such as a seemingly endless ad promoting "My Pillows " by a mustached pitchman or a "HUGE" extravaganza car sales event hyped by a big-mouthed galoot. Or you may be a medical malpractice asbestos  victim of Mesothelioma and entitled to recompense that Hustling and Hustling can litigate a claim for you.  

You'll wait while having to watch a lengthy nutritional pitch to lose weight and belly fat while offering free shakes. Worse still is the monotonous spiel promoting   P C 

matic. Then too, it's Trivago or the Trip Adviser,a talking owl offering hotel options. Not back yet,there's the drug developed from jelly fish.

The annoying adds go on and on and you can expect them "to be right back".

  Brillant has spoken.

An apocalyptic event is about to occur that's sure to be catastrophic, i.e., the Clinton's could once again take over the White House. It seems apparent that Hillary will win out over Trump in the coming election. The two Clinton's will then have the renewed ability to expand their foundation's worth through contributions from covetous,reciprocal minded oligarch's and government donors.

The foundation involves foreign influence and tax evasion. It is set up as a foreign charity through Canada where the law restricts exposing the names of donors. The Clinton's treat the fund for personal use,providing little to charity. The two are devious,unprincipled,dishonest criminals.                                                             Brillant has spoken.

Having won the election through mobilizing a disgruntled constituency with brash assertions of change he now finds need to patronize his supporters.He's surrounded himself with strong willed, highly respected persons to fill out his cabinet.

Aug.1/16          THE CLINTON'S

March 17,2017

The President's lack  of restraint in controlling his tongue is wearing thin on his fellow Republicans. His most recent tweeting of libelous gibberish is consuming important time toward accomplishing  the repeal of Obamacare  and securing acceptance of it's replacement. Failure in satisfying this highly critical ,early on commitment will doom his Presidency.

Doesn't he understand this?


          HANGER'S ON

                         WHAT  NEXT??

3/31/17 Think about this-Trump is showing he's bent on meeting  his key commitments. Disregard they were expressed purposefully ,bombastically in exaggerated form, styled  toward winning his election. While health reform is currently stalled, revision work is taking place.He's moving ahead on tax reform. The wall is underway at least in seeking bids on it's construction despite  objection to it's scale.The man is undeterred  as obstacles arise. He deserves credit for his work ethic  toward "Making America Great Again". He  could very well succeed.


It's was apparent that Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie were both supporting Trumpwith  expectation of a position on his staff. Rudy had asserted himself as the most qualified person to serve as Secretary of State while Chris Christie was anticipating being slotted as VP. In time neither received any appointments. Rudy's boisterous play was his undoing and the unwisdom of Governor Christie's broadly assumed entanglement with the traffic debacle and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey were deemed a political impediment. Brillant's take is that Trump felt that both men were too unanimous in giving the support he will need as President.